Gerard Perrignon
Gerard has been in the Sydney music scene since 1993 as both a singer / songwriter and as an alto saxophonist. The early part of his journey was spent on a range of musical pursuits, first and foremost in singing and playing with Sydney University based funk-pop band "Zephyr Baby", but also as a instrumentalist working with Sydney rock artists such as Brad Johns, and shorter collaborative efforts with more jazz based groups such as "Munjare".
Gerard joined "Slewfoot" very early on in the band's history - in late 1995, and again in 1997 when he recorded the "Slewfoot" album, before leaving Sydney for an extended period offshore until 2002. Upon his return to Sydney, one of the first calls he made was to his old friends at Slewfoot! He currently struts his funky stuff on stage with Slewfoot and blows a mean alto, second to none.

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