Daniel Parise
Daniel has been playing piano and organ professionally since 1989. Initially a blues pianist playing Rhodes with the band "Bullfrog" he has enjoyed many years performing, singing and writing with his friends. Daniel's style reflects his classical training, and in 1991 recorded and coproduced electronic dance music with "Fabulous Dribble".
In 1995 he helped form "Slewfoot" with his friends John Wardle, Paul Blasi and James Eriksson. After playing various Jazz Festivals; Thredbo, Manly, Hawkesbury, Daniel has has toured various country towns of NSW with "Bullfrog" and in the studio has recorded & co-produced 3 albums with "Bullfrog" and "Slewfoot" as well as featuring on "The Foundry" and "Chameleon" projects.
He currently performs with Slewfoot with his unique brand of funky clav licks and rumbling hammond tones, playing on a nord electro.
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