Mervyn has been playing professionally since 1988. Accomplished on both electric and double bass, he is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music jazz course. He has been laying down bass grooves in a diverse range of music - funk, soul, jazz, latin reggae and rock. He has performed in a variety of settings, from small jazz trios in smoky bars to late-nite-early-morning funk bands in niteclubs, avant-garde art music to 20 piece swinging big bands. He has played with many bands around the Sydney scene including Wild Rice, Carl Orr, Slide McBride and Matt Baker. He is the musical director and co-manager of the event-ensemble "Blue Train" and has numerous studio recordings under his belt including the 1997 "Slewfoot" CD. His versatility and experience, add creativity to the funk-solid bottom end of his bass grooves in Slewfoot.
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