John Wardle
John Wardle has been playing professionally in bands and ensembles since 1988. One of his first bands "Ramirez" had a residency at "The Lansdowne" in 1988. John took to arranging big band standards and in 1995 helped form "Slewfoot".
In 1997 he travelled the world playing in bars from Nepal to Cork County Ireland.
Upon returning to Sydney he formed jazz trios "3-bean mix" & "Jim's Farmyard" in 2001, and led the band "The Wardle Summer Bash" at it's residency at the Tattersall's Hotel in Rozelle during the summer of 2002/2003.
In 2003 John performed on and co-produced the album "The Foundry" with Johnny Carr, and also played bass and guitar with "Johnny Carr's V8 Interceptors" original country show. Since 2005 John has dedicated much of his time and energy to politics affecting live music in Sydney pushing for the consideration of legislative and administrative changes for the licensing of live music in the State's clubs, hotels and restaurants.
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