David Weir
David has been playing tenor saxophone professionally since 1988. His bio is a 'who's who' of the Sydney jazz scene: he's played with Jackie Orzacsky & Friends, Tina Harrod, Hamish Stuart, Stu Hunter, Angus Diggs, Clayton doleys the Hand, Bridie & The Boogie Kings, James Greening, Anthony Kable, Andrew Robson, The Foreday Riders, Tony Hall (from the Neville Brothers), Steve Edmonds, Simon Cox, Red Bean, Ray beadle and the Vipers, The Presidents, Super Bad, Professor Groove and the Booty Affair, Ross Ward, Heroes from Heaven, Blue Train, Hipnosis Horns, Sax Appeal, Coloured Toyz (original pop band), TKO ( latin pop band),Mother Jive, Wayne Jurys Dry Bones, Kara Grainger, John Morrison, Trudie Aspeling, Bandelero, Exit Laughing, Todd Sharpville, The Hip Trip, Agnes Banks, DJ Jo 90, Steven Ferris.
David has performed at the Swains Blues and Roots music festival, Thredbo jazz festival, Apollo Bay Folk Festival, Jazz in the Vines(Hunter Valley), Narooma Blues & Music festival the cruise ship "Fair Princess", and has jammed and played in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Paris, New York, New Orleans & London.
David is an integral member of the band "Slewfoot" since 1995 to now. David is quoted as stating: "Everything that feels good is the music I love. If it feels good it is good."

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